About Us:

John Townsend   Simon James   Steve Onslow   Terry Knott  

  Established in March 1982, Alpunch Tooling is an independent specialist manufacturer of high quality punch and die tooling for use on a diverse range of CNC and manual machines. This wide product capability is backed by a company-wide commitment to quality and is supported by an outstanding ability to innovate. These factors, backed by realistic pricing and superb service, have earned the company world-wide recognition amongst those who demand the best.
  Customer Support: Alpunch’s experience in the design and manufacture of tooling is matched by an equally broad awareness of turret press capability and CNC systems. This knowledge is always available to customers who are exploring new manufacturing approaches or seeking better results from existing equipment. We are always ready to produce special tools.
  Investment: As we all know engineering is a very demanding sector to be in. Alpunch Tooling has invested heavily in both people and machinery. This is an ongoing process as we strive to maintain our high profile status in the marketplace.
  Technology: Alpunch Tooling has embraced modern technology with state-of-the-art machinery that has thrust us to ultra-modern production. This includes lights out machining and component inspection probing.
  Product Quality: Alpunch tools are designed to give the longest possible working life between re-grinds and the cleanest, most accurate results. The company is constantly investigating new materials and coatings to help its customers achieve maximum output of high-quality, uninterrupted press work in steel, aluminium and other alloys.


Representation: the people who represent Alpunch are extensively qualified in all aspects of our business. They are fully committed to our standards of quality, integrity and service. The close liaison we maintain with our agents outside the United Kingdom ensures that customers in every part of the world can expect exactly the same high levels of response and support.

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  Linked to the US based UniPunch Products Inc. our subsidiary company specialises in tooling solutions and component manufacturing.